My Fight 2 Win Pro 24 Observations

You know how you always hear that saying, "Leave your ego at the door."?

I think that is one of those concepts that sounds good, but in reality, it just doesn't work out- kind of like communism.

Last night the testosterone was oozing out of the walls of the Huntington Beach High school gymnasium. There were fights both on and off the mat. For a minute I thought the black bloc was going to show up, and I swear I heard someone yell, "Berkley!"

But this is Jiu Jitsu…if a bunch of dudes in black masks showed up starting trouble, they would be handed their masks back to them, most likely squarely up their asses.

Last night, Fight 2 Win Pro 24 was full of tension, comedy, drama, and great Jiu Jitsu.

Seth Daniels put together what can only be called the grudge match of the year (and yes, it is only February so imagine what the rest of 2017 has in store!?).


It was such a fun night, and if you have not experienced Fight 2 Win Pro, I highly recommend it.

Here are some random thoughts about my experience last night:

I apologize to the one guy I saw peeing (I think he was a coach). I didn't mean to walk in on you, but I appreciate that you remained calm. I also saw Garry Tonin peeing, and he too remained calm. 

Michael Perez has thighs like tree stumps.  And he kicked Joao Assis with them a few times. Pretty sure Joao did not like that much. 

Some might characterize the exchange of words between Andre Galvao (Mike's coach) and Joao Assis as an argument, but I saw it as more of an "animated discussion" between two big and beefy guys who could pop a person's head of their neck. All I could think as they were heartily expressing their views was, "I can't say Andre's last name and as much as I've tried, I still butcher Joao's name. I also need to be sure and get out of the way if these two decide to go at it." 


The most civilized fight I saw was between Edwin Najmi and Nathan Mendelsohn. Man! What a display of Jiu Jitsu as a martial art. These two beasts fought hard and with such respect for one another. 



Big props to Josh Barnett who was there coaching. I recognized him from meeting him 5 years ago, but I thought his name was Chuck. I greeted him and called him Chuck. He informed me his name is actually Josh- he further clarified by adding, "Barnett". I apologized for calling him Chuck. He responded with, "That's okay. I've been called worse."



There were only two women fighting, Catherine Fuhro Perret and Tara White. I marveled at how these two women were in their respective locker rooms surrounded by men. I mean it is one thing for me to be in there taking pictures, but these young women live and breathe it, with poise and grace. 



After Garry Tonin won the decision against AJ Agazarm, let's just say tempers flared. At that point it was basically Gracie Barra vs Jake Shields. Garry seemed like he just wanted to get out of the Gi and get back to the No Gi life.

Thank you to Seth and Mike Calimbas and to all the F2W Crew for your hospitality and for putting your heart and soul into this event. Your work is appreciated.

And great job to ALL OF YOU who fought last night, from the blues to the blacks. I have more pics, but won't get to them until I get home from the pro bull riding event I'm headed to tonight.

And finally to the Jiu Jitsu Community who showed up to the event: YOU PEOPLE ROCK.