The Girl who Speaks Music

She moved to SD from Japan and knew only a little English. She was 13 years old, and I taught her English along with 187 other kids each day. During lunch and after school she would come hang out in my class and play her violin. 

She wasn't making friends...she was shy. She only played once everyone had left. I felt so VIP...her talent was innate as well as finely honed after years of practice. 

One day after school I had a few kids hanging out and a kid was teasing her about her English- not super mean and to his credit he was practicing English and trying to make time w the cute, but geeky, new girl (please note this boy's idea of proper English and being cool was, "Oralé you English suck.") I saw this and said to the boy, "She speaks great music." Of course, he and the others exclaim, "¿¡Que?!" And I said, as I looked at her, "Would you like to show them?" as I pointed to her violin case.

And so she played. And their jaws dropped. And then other kids walking by heard and came in and within a few minutes she had an audience of 12 and 13 year olds mesmerized. 

And then she became "the girl who speaks music."

About 3 weeks later she came into my class after school with 2 violin cases instead of one. She was smiling and took out her new violin and bow and told me she's been accepted to a music school on the east coast and was leaving in a few days.

Then she handed me her old violin in its case and said she wanted me to have it. I was taken back and had no words. 

So she spoke music with her new violin, and I listened and understood everything she said.